About Us

Meet the management team

The management team of Gofers consists of 2 kind-hearted, committed and hardworking people that want to make a difference in the lives of others while at the same time fulfil their dream and run their own business by providing services they felt were lacking in the area.
We both have our own families and understand the pressure of everyday life and how difficult is to manage everyday tasks without any help.

Company Founders

Gofer Service was founded by Monika and Ewa. We are both happy and friendly individuals with a passion for helping people. Self-motivating, hardworking, confident and with many years of managerial and housekeeping experience we believe we can make a difference in the lives of others by helping them with everyday tasks.


Self-motivated and hardworking with strong entrepreneurial skills and an exceptional organizational ability gained through academic and work experience.

Monika has successfully run her Au Pair agency for over 7 years and because she enjoys new challenges is now ready to expand upon existing attributes and apply them within Gofer services.

Good people skills and the ability to interact with people at all levels as well as help and motivate others will ensure each and every customer’s satisfaction.

Key strengths:
  • BA (Hons) Degree in Business
  • PTLLS qualification (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Centre)
  • HND (Higher National Diploma in Business Studies)
  • Extensive background in recruitment industry

Confident, enthusiastic and highly-motivated with excellent experience in housekeeping and customer service.

Eva has over 8 years of experience in housekeeping, working in a 5 star hotel ensuring all hotel rooms were sparklingly clean and in tip-top condition. With an exceptional creative ability and capable to work under pressure she is always ready to learn new things thus being a partner in forming Gofer services.

An honest, friendly and cheerful approach as well as great attention to detail will ensure each and every customer’s satisfaction.

Key strengths:
  • International experience in event planning and execution
  • Great ability for decision making
  • Professional experience in working with multicultural companies
  • Extensive background in housekeeping

All our employees are carefully selected and fully ‘checked’ enabling us to ensure your safety and satisfaction!

Our History

Updating our website

for a new look and looking to employ more helpers in order to provide more help to our customers.

Feb 17

As business grows,

we are welcoming another member to our team. Julie is an experienced housekeeper also trained by us to ensure the high quality standards.

Jun 16

New addition to the team,

we welcome our helper Veronika who has been trained by us to maintain the high quality standards.

Jan 16

Getting to know our

first few regular customers and enjoying our weekly routines.

May 15

We are successfully up

and running and looking forward to a great future.

Jan 15

The birth of Gofer service

During our research we have met a few lovely people who liked the idea and started using our services. They have given us positive feedback and support which created the birth of Gofer service.

Nov 14

The work started

We spent the last few weeks speaking to people, researching and trying to understand their demands.

Sep 14

The idea

Striking a healthy balance in life in today’s hectic world isn’t easy for anybody and wasn’t easy for us either. We both have busy lives, families to look after as well as going out to work! After speaking to friends and relatives we discovered there is a gap in the market to provide a service that could help people to make their everyday life easier.

Jul 14

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